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Camp Redwood, started by Irma and Buddy Estis in 1961 has come full circle in its 50th anniversary year. The camp began as a day camp with the intent of transitioning to a sleep away camp. Camp Redwood operated successfully as a combined day and sleep away camp until 2007.

We then decided it was time to make the transition back to a fully dedicated Day Camp after all these years to better serve our local Community. The Lower Hudson Valley Region of New York has grown in population over the past ten years and our geographic area has a tremendous need for a day camp with all the amenities of a top notch sleepover facility.

Irma and Buddy both have 65 years of experience in camping and had full careers as physical education teachers in local public and parochial schools until retiring to focus entirely on the camp. Both are still actively involved in all camp programming, oversight of the instruction and supervision of the staff. Besides growing up in the camp since 1961, Jon has run the camp with Irma and Buddy since 1979 when he graduated from college. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University and a commercial pilot’s license. He is certified in Red Cross and Jon has maintained current American Red Cross certification in Life Guard Training (LGT) and Water Safety Instructor (WSI) since High School.

The camp operation is shifting to the second generation. The baton has been passed, and Jon is now the Director. The family is looking forward to operating Camp Redwood as a Day Camp for many years into the future.

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