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Camp Redwoood Philosophy and Goals

A Philosophy that is still working since 1961

Our philosophy is predicated not only on the fact that children should have a very happy and exciting experience at camp, but that they develop in four very important areas:

1.     Socially, by helping the campers interact with other kids and help them to make friends.

2.     Emotionally, by teaching the campers new skills and responsibility which will help them to gain self-confidence and help to build self-esteem.

3.     Physically, by helping the campers develop new athletic skills in conventional sports, as well as dance and aerobics/gymnastics. This will increase their physical ability which improves health, and also enhances self-esteem as well.

4.     Environmental Awareness, through discussion the campers will learn about our great outdoors and develop an appreciation for the fragility, beauty and value of our natural environment.

Our goal and objective is to have your child grow into a more mature person. In addition to just playing games, they will learn new skills and develop new friendships, they will learn to get along with others, learn fair play, improve their self-esteem, and gain self-confidence in the process.

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